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Hi, all...I'm new here and I'm having some problems getting my themes to work.  I have a 5.5 G video iPod and while it will boot the RockBox OS just fine, I can't seem to make it display themes right.  When I play songs, it won't display the play buttons or little fancy things like it shows when i click the download link on the themes site.  I'm putting WPS, Backdrops, Fonts and Themes in their corrosponding folders in the /.Rockbox directory, but none of them seem to work.  What am I doing wrong?  Thanks for the help

What does show up?  The ugly default theme that only takes up the top half of the screen?

Did you "browse themes" and pick the themes you've downloaded?

Assuming you did, it's possible the themes you've downloaded have invalid codes in them and don't work on the newest build.  If there's any syntax errors in a WPS file, Rockbox will display the default WPS.  Try a few more, and try to download ones that look "simpler."  In particular, try "Ultima" near the bottom of the Wiki page.  I'm using it right now and therefore know it works.

ok, I tried some more and the only WPS that works for me is Aardvark.  I will try Ultima, though, and give you an update.

ok, so I killed my installation and installed that special iPod build that had album artwork support.  Now all my WPSs run, but no album art shows up.  I put the artwork into the music via iTunes.  Is there a way to display it correctly?


--- Quote from: samuraiBSD on May 09, 2007, 11:05:51 AM ---I put the artwork into the music via iTunes.  Is there a way to display it correctly?

--- End quote ---

To my understanding, that is not how album art works in ROCKbox. You have to manually put a certain sized BMP (50x50, 75x75, 100x100, Depending on the theme) in the folder with the song you want and name it "cover.bmp" without quotations. Again, I could be wrong, but I believe that that is what you're supposed to do.



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