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flashing with 2.3 when will it be easy!


Hi guys my first post here
I want to flash my box with 2.3 but only a ".bin" of 2.2 at the address mentioned, can we have the latest versions in ".bin" form as soon as its a stable release?
2.2 gives me a directory full message when it boots, but boy is it quick  :)

You don't need a new .bin file, just update rockbox by "playing" rockbox.ucl (or rombox.ucl, if avail for your model), in the .rockbox directory.


Ah I tried the wrong one, Now I think I read all the FAQ's correctly could you add that to it, its rombox.ucl to blow the internal ROM, I think? and rockbox.ucl to blow umm? Anyway can i say how fab it all is now, it now does everthing it didn't do before b:-)


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