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unable to dual boot and uninstall software

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Running into a few problems here...

I cant dual boot the system. It crashes with a /SYSTEM/*.bin file not found error.

Also, since the usb port is not fully supported, i cant access any system files, and the patcher doesnt recognize the flash drive.

So, my questions is how do i uninstall if I cant use the patcher, dual boot, or access the drive? This is happening in both linux and windows.

I'm using the build from yesterday.


The documentation is actually quite good.  I recommend looking there before posting.


I am having a similar problem that azuki had, and I looked at the wiki page, and I'm still a little confused.  I'm sure the fact that I don't know anything about how computers or mp3 players work contributes a lot to my confusion.  So from what I understand from the wiki page I should go to the Recovery mode and copy the original firmware mi4 file to my Sansa, which will solve all my problems.  My problem is I don't know what an mi4 file is.  Then it said that if I don't have my mi4 file around I can get one from the link.  Should I download any of the ones that say SanDisk Sansa e200 and just move that over to the recovery drive?  I'm pretty sure that that is what I'm supposed to do, but I just want to double check, because you guys did a good job in making me nervous because of the word of caution by the description of the recovery mode in the troubleshooting section.

An mi4 file is a firmware file.  You need to be careful in recovery mode because the wrong file will brick your player.  Look for an mi4 for the latest firmware for your mp3 player.  There are american(a), european(e), and a few other player firmware types.


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