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Hello all
I am a new user of Rockbox and I have to tell you I am blown away by the  improvement over the Archos firmware. I have had my Jukebox Studio 10 Since they cost $250 USD and it crashed about two years ago. I decided then that I would experiment on my own and increased the HD to a 40GB unit and it worked great... but now I found Rockbox and it is an all new toy. Now to my thoughts on a improvement of the %pf progress bar for the while playing screens. I would like to know if it is possible to generate a %pf that has the same design look but has the track length static on the left hand side and the time remaining counting down on the right hand side. I think that this would be a functional improvement as well as a visual improvement... Any Ideas? I would be more than willing to attempt this but I am a newby to the Rockbox firmware and would need a heads up from one of the developers as to where in the source code that I would need to make adjustments. any ideas would be helpfull.

is there even room for that on the player's LCD?

Yes there is enough room. If you create a .wps file now with the %pf progress bar it has a design that looks somwhat like this:

(with the time counting down on the left there, and where the astrix are the progress bar expanding across as the time counts down.)

What I am asking is if it is possible to create one that looks something like this:

3:32                                             2:48
(the time on the left is static showing the total time of the track, the time on the lright ticking off as it shows the time remaining and the progress bar showing how far into the track you have gone.)

the %pf is formatted so that both items are compressed down horizontaly to fit into one row of characters. I believe that it is possible and would like to give it a try if some one would be willing to tell me where in the source code I would have to make the attempt.

i dont think you can do this. The player has a fixed character set, so you couldnt do that. maybe you could do it like this:


I still have a feeling that it can be done because if you use the %pf "progress full bar" tag now in a .wps it looks like this:


The Track and Artist information takes up the upper line completely, and the Progrss bar and time are arranged as you see them taking up the lower line of characters. So in the end I believe that with a little work you can make the %pf look like this:

3:24                                                1:28

Though I may be wrong.... I would still be willing to give it a try if one of the developers would read this and send me a note explaining where in the souce code on emight have to make the changes... ;) Heads up LinusN, B4dger, or anyone else that has made Rockbox the awsome firmware that it is.


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