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How to update the orginal firmware?


Hi, i'm using RockBox for 2 months on my e260, all working well.

Now the situation is, that there is a new firmware version from SanDisk (I have the european player, "E", the new version is: 1.02.18E).
I downloaded it via the Sansa Updater and cut the two files away from the player (i don't want to delete Rockbox and the bootloader).

So: How can I put the new firmware to run it but keep RockBox on it? I think i have to replace the OF.bin in SYSTEM, but how to convert it?
note: I used Sansapatcher to install the bootloader and Rockbox.

PS: I'm german, sry for my bad english.

I think the only way is to use an updated "sansapatcher" which contains the latest firmware. I convertet the new firmware .mi4 with mi4code and replaced the OF.bin in SYSTEM folder, but nothing happended.
Any ideas how make the sansa realize that the OF.bin is a new one? or in what data is the decyrypted orginal firmware saved on the sansa?

Hey, has nobody an idea what to do?! ???

Install the sandisk firmware, run sansapatcher and extract rockbox files to the root of the sansa drive.

ok, i'll try it.

yeah, It worked. Big thx zivan.
Now I'm searching for s.thing new in .18E firmware^^


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