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Where do I unzip the Rockbox file to on my Sansa?


I thought that I just put them into the system folder, but apparently it cant find them and I'm gettin a wee bit nervous. THANKS!

Just unzip to the root.  The zip contains the correct directory structure.

From Chapter 2.2.2 of the Rockbox Manual:

--- Quote ---Use the “Extract all” command of your unzip program to extract the files in the .zip file onto your player. Note that the entire contents of the .zip file should be extracted directly to the root of your player’s drive. Do not try to create a separate directory or folder on your player for the Rockbox files! The .zip file already contains the internal directory structure that Rockbox needs.

Note: If the contents of the .zip file are extracted correctly, you will have a folder called /.rockbox, which contains all the files needed by Rockbox, in the main folder of your player’s drive. If you receive a “-1” error when you start Rockbox, you have not extracted the contents of the .zip file to the proper location.
--- End quote ---


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