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P.P.M. (Personal Podcast Management)

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I had some thoughts today about managing podcasts on a player, and thought you guys would be interested in talking about it.

What if mp3 players worked like PVRs do, and kept track of which ones we've listened to, and sync things accordingly, downloading suggestions etc.

Is this something you guys could look into implementing?

I like the idea.
We could, for instance, keep track of what part of the show/audio-file you already listened to, even when you played something else last. it's kindoff like a bookmark but an automaticly generated on for podcasts.

We could also have a checkbox list of episodes, the listened ones will have a check.
On sync the "casted" podcasts can be removed and new one added to the list.

If one day there will be a standard format for shownotes with indications of the time of a topic, we could automaticly generate bookmarks of the topics. It could look like a shownote browser.

This are some things we could implement in Rockbox with ease, I'll take a look at it.

That would be awesome!

Let me know if you need help testing anything. :)

I agree that the format needs a 'standard' of sorts for shownotes and bookmarking chapters.  There is a format that apple is pushing, which will probably be easier once some gui utilities get out there.  But right now with mac-only cli, only a couple of people are actually using it.

Thanks for listening!

While we're on the subject of podcasting, I'd love to see a random play feature that would go into the middle of a podcast and play a section of a set duration (user configurable) or until you press the next track toggle. I listen to 3-hour podcasts, but it would it would be nice to mix up the program in a random fashion by playing interior sections of long podcasts as well as beginnings (let's say, anywhere outside 5 minutes of the podcast end).

Also I second the idea of some system of keeping track of what portion of a track has been played - like an auto bookmark - even if it's not the last track played.

Not sure either of these is reasonable, but thought I'd mention in case.

Is any of this stuff possible with any of the Archos products?-

like the flash support? Would it take the video/image cues?


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