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Basic Hardware info,

System-On-Chip: Telechips  TCC7801 [Core: ARM926EJ-S]
Codec: Wolfson WM8985
   Internal: Samsung K4M56323PG  
   Storage: Samsung K9LAG08U0M-PCB0 (2GB)
Power Mgmt: Philips PCF50606



Before disassembling, need to understand the layout of the bin file.

Conclusions on just scanning the binary and strings
1) Layout of D2 firmware similar to U3
2) Layout of D2 firmware similar to M-bird rom !!!!

The firmware for M-bird XY-22 Player can be downloaded here

M-bird XY-22 based on TCC76x (ARM 940T core)
Cowon U3 based on TCC77x (ARM 946 core)
Cowon D2 based on TTC78x (ARM 926/946 core)

My analysis suggest this is 'coz all three use a common format created by Telechips SDK for ARM. Possibly even the preloader is the similar for all three :) These are encouraging signs....crack one and we are close to all!
I am sure many telechip licencees that are looking for smaller time to market will use their reference solution as is (including IRiver??)

I suggest the U3 progress ought to be relooked and taken forward 'coz my current knowledge (from iaudiophile forums) tells me that there is
*****             NO RECOVERY MODE      *****
in D2

U3 Page -->

processor info:

Successful rockbox of this unit would be a breathrough appreciated worldwide.  

This unit and its progeny, with its support of SDHD expandable flash memory, have the potential to make much of the current hard-drive based devices obsolete with the next few years.

Cowon were recently forced to release a recovery tool for their U3.
It was mentioned here that the D2 and U3 have very similar architectures.
Perhaps this recovery tool could be used for recovery of the D2.

This has been suggested by NeoDeever over at the forums (
He seems to have had some success with this utility (only the device addresses and the firmware files to be written had to be changed).

The D2 is a unique device, both because of its innovative processor and its touchscreen. A rockbox mod would be absolutely amazing.

This player apparently has the same FM chip that the Sansa e2xx  series have, the Sanyo LV24020LP.


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