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I've been running the daily builds, bleeding edge builds, or custom builds (when I'm working on a patch) for well over a month and have not entered the retail firmware once in that time period. Rockbox used to crash a few times a day but in the last three weeks I've seen enormous improvements in stability (no crashes for at least a week). I personally say GO FOR IT! You can always boot the retail firmware anytime you like.

i totally agree with kenshin !
i haven´t been using the original firmware for month ! and for the last two or three weeks i didn´t even had to reset !
The rockbox team is doing a great job !
Thanks for all the great work !!!!!

Thank you, guys!

Your statements make me really hot...

And, keep your phantastic work up, Rockbox guys!!


--- Quote --- short answer: yes, it invalidates the warranty

accurate answer: maybe. iriver are known not to check units, but you could get unlucky. Archos have refused to repair under warranty rockbox'ed units before.
--- End quote ---

Surely if you flash back to iRiver firmware and delete the .rockbox folder and rockbox.iriver file, then even if the iRiver repair/return staff turned the unit on, they wouldn't be able to tell if alternative firmware had been used?

if you CAN flash back, yes, they cant tell.


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