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jb recorder 20 won't power off

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I have been unable to switch off my JB recorder 20Gb for two weeks now. I've tried everything I can think of -- changing batteries, leaving it on charge, leaving it unplugged in case the power connector switch has been stuck "on"...

Even if I remove the batteries and plug it in so that the Archos firmware comes up with the "battery charging" screen, I cannot get it to switch off.

It all started when the batteries ran down completely one day. I believe that the "Off" button is working because rockbox says "Battery Charging" when I hold it down and the power is plugged in.

Any ideas before I commit to surgery?

What happens when you hold the OFF button without the charger attached?

Does it turn off but immediately start again?
Does it say "battery charging"?

Nothing happens when I hold the "Off" button down and the charger is not plugged in. The only way to force a reboot is to remove the batteries.

If I leave it unplugged and the auto-power off setting is enabled, it will lock up after the power-off time. The screen stays frozen just the way it was, but nothing will respond until I unplug and remove the batteries.

Wow. It sounds like the power control circuitry is broken somehow. How about the ON button? Does it work normally?

Yes, the ON button seems to function normally.

It sounds like I'll have to commit to exploratory surgery and see if I can find out anything. I asked this question in the Archos Tech Support website, but I've had no response.



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