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I got a sansa e250, which crashed yesterday. I don't know if this is the right forum to ask some of the questions, but it's the only one that seems to cover the topic.

* What is RockBox?, as far as i understand it's an open-source firmware that gives many, including the e200 series players extra functionality.

* How do i recover my Sansa e250, i can enter the recovery mode, but what files should i move, and where can i find them?

Greetings, Dennis

To answer the first question, take a look at

To take Rockbox off your Sansa, follow the instructions at the bottom of the installation manual page (

If anything goes wring with the install, read

Note that there are some limitations of Rockbox on the Sansa - most notibly that you will need to go back into the original firmware to use USB.  To do this, hold "|

Thank you!

I succeeded to install RockBox without any big issues.

Also if anybody wonder how to recover a sansa e250:

1. Go to recovery mode.
2. Download the recovery app,
3. Install it and follow the instructions.

This will also downgrade your sansa, so you don't need to have the buggy/laggy update they made.


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