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Title: iAudio X5: Make the most out of the batteries
Post by: paddlaren on August 22, 2006, 03:02:39 AM

I have an iAiduio X5-60Gb. I'm overall sattisfied with the plaer and the Rockbox software though there are allways the problem with battery never last enough.

In the USB Charging thread ( "bk" states that the X5 battery lifetime using Rockbox is in parity with the Cowon software and he give me the following hints:

Do I have do trim the settings on any other way in order to get the Rockbox in parity with the Cowon firmware?

Set the backlight off to something reasonable, I use 5 seconds. Set the brightness as low as you can tolerate. Turn on dircache and set the harddrive spin-down time to something short, maybe 2-3 seconds. Try turning on LCD sleep when backlight is off, but there's not a lot of data yet on how much it helps.

edit: oh, and don't pay any attention to the estimated battery time left. It's completely inaccurate (I don't know why, but someone will probably fix it someday).

I gues that there are many opinions on how to get hte most out of the battery so please give me the best tricks you have! How do You tweak the config to get the battery last longer?

// Erik