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Title: Sansa Fuze
Post by: AwesomeOne on December 09, 2017, 04:25:19 PM
Hi all,

First off, thank you for Rockbox. I've been using it since around 2007 with an old Sansa E280R which was destroyed in an accident with drool and a live usb connection. I now have a Fuze that I think is V2, but not completely positive.

I let Rockbox Utility select my player (it said it was v2), since I was upgrading from an old version. I think my old version was 3.11 but it may have been 3.9. It seemed to install everything, and at the end I saw a message about holding Select to reboot. I hit Select, it rebooted, my whole screen started working again(!), and then it gave me a message about an ATA error and a bunch of HEX values. Hitting the Back button showed me more screens with voltage values, and after hitting the Back button about four times the Fuze shut off and will no longer turn on at all. Plugging it in does nothing. Holding the Power slider does nothing.

I am afraid it is bricked, but am reaching out in the hopes that someone can help me figure this out.

Information that may be relevant: for the past couple of years the screen has occasionally gone out. The screen would start scrolling, or half of it would disappear, or it would just be glitched so much nothing was comprehensible. I believed it to be a hardware problem, as occasionally the screen would work fine; but during the update half the screen was glitched, and after the update it suddenly was perfectly fine again (until it shut off).
Title: Re: Sansa Fuze
Post by: saratoga on December 09, 2017, 07:55:33 PM
Unless I'm really forgetting what the Fuze is like, I'm not sure what most of that would even refer to.  But if it doesn't power on, often you can fix that by holding the power button for a long time (up to 1 minute).  Even if the screen doesn't work, I think you should be able to get the wheel to light up.  If your rockbox install is screwed up, you can also try booting into the Sandisk firmware (i believe you hold left on the fuze, but check the manual in case I am remembering wrong).  Unless the flash is just completely trash, at least one of the bootloader or sandisk firmware should respond. 
Title: Re: Sansa Fuze
Post by: AwesomeOne on December 09, 2017, 11:41:09 PM
Holding the power slider for a minute or two didn't work. I held it for about five minutes while reading the forums and my thumb slipped off and it booted.