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Title: Ipod wont reboot after install?
Post by: joeyb649 on May 29, 2006, 10:16:02 AM
I'm trying to install rockbox on my 5G Ipod Video... After i put all requirued file in c:\rock box and done all the command prompt steps my Ipod dosn't reboot or show any sign that anything was installed like it says on the directions.

if not big enough


I know this is before you actually install rockbox but it says

"You can now disconnect your ipod from your PC in the normal way. This should cause your iPod to reboot.

You should now see a light blue screen with some tiny writing - this is the Rockbox bootloader. Because you haven't yet installed Rockbox itself, the bootloader will fail to start Rockbox and should then default to start the original Apple firmware. If this happens, then all has gone well. If it freezes with the bootloader on the screen, this is not a major problem. Sometimes it has difficulty falling back to retail when rockbox.ipod doesn't exist on the disk. Simply hold Menu+Select until the screen clears, and then hold Select+Play until you enter disk mode. Then continue with the install process. The fact that it showed the bootloader text is enough to indicate this portion of the install succeeded. "

Please help rockbox looks awsome and i'm tired of my boring ipod firmware.
Title: Re: Ipod wont reboot after install?
Post by: Llorean on May 29, 2006, 04:14:40 PM
If that's _all_ you've done in the command prompt, you aren't up to the point where it says you can now disconnect. You've missed several steps.