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Title: Thomson / RCA EH308 Black Diamond
Post by: arfanelch on February 01, 2012, 05:30:49 PM
Thomson Lyra / RCA Black Diamond / EH308
Seems to be made by PERCEPTION DIGITAL LTD.
8 GB Hitachi Microdrive - Flex cable connector.
1.8" OLED Display 262k colors. Marked NL600245
Telechips TCC770 system chip.
CS42L51 Codec with headphone amp.
 K4M56163PG - 4M x 16Bit x 4 Banks Mobile SDRAM
SST39WF800A  - 8 Mbit (x16) Multi-Purpose Flash - Silicon Storage Technology, Inc
LT3455 Power management chip 2 * switch converter + LiPo charger etc.

The current firmware seems to be 3.xx (something).
Have found an earlier version of the firmware here:

Pictures coming, just had to write all it down ;-)

Tips wanted: Which existing port is the best to start with?

Have been programming embedded software for a living for a number of years, but still I do not feel too confident.


Title: Re: Thomson / RCA EH308 Black Diamond
Post by: saratoga on February 01, 2012, 06:26:49 PM
We have a lot of code for tcc77x devices:;a=tree;f=firmware/target/arm/tcc77x;h=ef528a55913482a910e8bd663da31e5da4a2712d;hb=HEAD

Its probably not too hard to reuse one of the existing targets to get a bootloader going, and that device has a hard disk so you shouldn't run into the usual trouble with getting the telechips NAND controller working.