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Title: Clip+ Backlight on Hold
Post by: slappyhaze on September 24, 2011, 10:17:25 AM
Hey, its good to be back. I used to spend a lot of time between here and iRiverter back in my old H340 days (I miss that player)..

Oh well, to today. I've just put the latest Rockbox build (3.9.1) on my Clip+ and am slowly getting used to it again. I notice that the menu has an option to set the behaviour of the backlight when Hold is set. I know this player doesn't have a dedicated Hold button/switch. But the Select/Home combo does this job, no?

I used both Google and the forum search function to see if this has been raised before but came up with nothing, hence resurrecting this account!! :)

So, is it possible to use this setting? I'd like my backlight to go off when I lock the keys.

Cheers all


Post Merge: September 24, 2011, 10:27:22 AM
Sorry, I should clarify. I did re read before I posted, but actually missed this!!

The manual states there should be an option for Backlight on Hold, but it isn't on the player.

I understand this isn't strictly a 'Feature Idea', but I thought this forum was the best suited to raise the query of is this possible with the key combo and has it been overlooked as there is no dedicated button/switch.

Thanks again,