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Title: Sansa e260v1 on Win 7, can't find Mount Point
Post by: FahKingNut on October 03, 2010, 02:15:12 AM
As the title says, my Sansa e260v1 on Win 7 can't find the mount point.  I've noticed in explorer that it doesn't recognize it as device either, Win 7 didn't OS didn't recognize the new Ipod Nano either, it was for my stepdaughter, but iTunes found the Nano no prob.  So, I can't setup the utility or install the software.
Is this a basic software issue, OS issue, or both?
Thing that kinda pisses me off even more is that the connection no longer seems to even be charging my Sansa either.  Even worse, I only have Win 7 installed on the 3 machines in my house.  *sigh*
Nevermind - It turns out that the USB hub that I had it plugged into had died in between uses.  All is well and working correctly.