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Title: Cabbie V2 on Sansa FUZE
Post by: moskitta75 on September 01, 2010, 07:07:52 PM
Hi, by now I'm using cabbie V2 for playing theme. When I installed it I found that there was a mistake in the positioning of the line with time played, song playing/songs in playlist and time remaining because this line was upon the graphical line indicator time.
Not a very problem, I correct it in a few minutes but I had to try some times before finding the correct value to change and where to change.
I don't know if it's the same for all FUZEs out there that play with cabbie V2 theme but I think it is and so I give here the correct file cabbiev2.wps to overwrite on the existing file in your Sansa FUZE at .rockbox/wps folder:
Code: [Select]
# Cabbie 2.0 default
# (C) 2007, Johannes Voggenthaler (Zinc Alloy)
# Derived from "cabbie" (C) Yohann Misquitta
# Disable Status Bar
# Load Backdrop
# Preload Images
# Album Art/Info Viewport Conditional
# Progress Bar
# Hold
# Battery
# Volume
# Shuffle
# Repeat
# Playmode
# Time Elapsed/Remaining
%al%pc%ac%?Sr<%pe %Sx(of) %pp|%pp %Sx(of) %pe>%ar%pr
# Album Art
# Track Info - Album Art

%s%al%Sx(Next Track:)
# Track Info - No Album Art

%ac%Sx(Next Track:)

I would be happy if it will help if someone didn't fix it yet, make me know!
Title: Re: Cabbie V2 on Sansa FUZE
Post by: [Saint] on September 02, 2010, 01:40:21 AM
Did you post the correct file?

The code you posted is exactly that of SVN, ie. no changes.
If I did break the theme, I'd be interested to know where I did so.
I seem to remember it looking fine during testing but there were a couple of errors that escaped me in my initial patch, and it was some time now since I updated the themes...I am kind of surprised that it has taken so long for an error to be noticed.

I apologise for the inconvenience.

Please, if you can post the changes you made, I would appreciate it.
I will have a look in a short time myself to see if I can discover where I went wrong.

Title: Re: Cabbie V2 on Sansa FUZE
Post by: moskitta75 on September 02, 2010, 02:12:34 PM
I explained the little mistake in the post, the gap is that the line with the track time elapsed, track number/tracks and time remaining was a little bit upon the graphic time line, I correct by changing only an Y number to put this line a little bit down.
I posted it only now because I got the time and I remember to do that.
I posted it thinking to all the people out there that use RB but can't modify something to fix it.

I repeat the error I found is in cabbie v2 playing theme that I'm using by now.