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Title: suggestion for including voice files when make zip is run.
Post by: alexwallis646 on August 01, 2010, 03:39:26 PM
Hi, I have a suggestion to automatically include the voice file if it is present in when make zip is run.

I believe this would be a good idea because frequently I find myself forgetting to update the voice file when I install a new build of rockbox on my player.

So my suggestion is this, lets assume you generate a new voice before making your build.

When you run the command make zip, if the voice file is present in your build folder, it should automatically be included in the langs folder of the zip archive.

Of course I guess there would be a problem if an older voice file was included because you made the build first and there was an old voice file present in your build directory, but I guess if some versioning system could be introduced for voice files that might solve the problem, this last bit is speculation on my part.
But I think it would be really helpful to automatically include it in the archive if present when make zip is run.
It would certainly be one less thing to remember.