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Title: "First Keypress Enables Backlight Only" on clickwheel iPods
Post by: dreamlayers on February 22, 2009, 01:19:20 PM
What should "First Keypress Enables Backlight Only" do on clickwheel iPods?  Right now it doesn't work right on my 5G iPod.  It seems like wheel event(s) generated when I touch the wheel turn on the backlight.  When the button is pressed, the backlight is already considered to be on and the button press performs its usual action.  If I carefully hold my finger still on the wheel, let the backlight fade, and then carefully press a button without moving my finger on the wheel, I am able to turn on the backlight without causing anything else to happen. Edit:  That was stupid.  It's much simpler to demonstrate the issue by pressing the centre button (without touching the wheel.)

I submitted a bug report at .  I'm also posting here because I don't know how this should behave.  Any ideas or comments?