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Title: H340 replace hard disk
Post by: boby on October 03, 2007, 11:36:25 AM
I damaged the MK4004GAH  hard disk of my h340.
After long researches, I found on a "40 GB TOSHIBA  MK4004GAH IPOD VAIO". I should receive it soon (69 euro). I'm eyes disabled but I have a friend who will replace it for me. When it will be replaced, what shall I do to format it ? Shall I use the Gparted program (linux) or  SWFormat (window XP) or something else. Is there a risk if I try with a wrong tool ? Can I damage the new harddisk if I switch on my iriver before formating the hard disk ? Is that true that it may not work because this MK4004GAH hard disk comes from a Ipod ? If yes, is there a risk for my iriver ?
Thanks a lot
Title: Re: H340 replace hard disk
Post by: Multiplex on October 03, 2007, 01:15:25 PM
I recently changed the drive in my H320, the drive came totally uninitialised and there was no problem starting up the machine with the basic drive. Of course Rockbox won't start, I was slow getting the USB cable in and the Iriver firmware started and just got a bit confused that it couldn't read the disk, finally showing 0 files, etc.

I did have a problem getting my Windows XP PC to see the H320 in bootloader USB mode and format it. I was also doing my wife's H120 and that was OK so I put the drive in that to format it, but I don't remember anyone else reporting that problem and having formatted it it was fine so I stopped investigating.

I don't know about the tools for formatting the drive - mine were 30Gig drives so I used the standard windows formatter.

There is a thread here about an 80Gig drive and trouble getting it seen also other threads mentioning swissknife

Instructions for your friend to take the H300 to bits;

Title: Re: H340 replace hard disk
Post by: Mikerman on October 05, 2007, 02:06:11 PM
Some sources concerning H3xx player hard drive replacement, from the Misticriver website:

On the H1xx players, iRiver added a format feature that can be used for 20 gb and 40 gb drives.  For a 60 gb or an 80 gb replacement drive, a program such as SwissKnife (freeware readily available on the Internet) would be needed to be used to format the drive (an easy process).