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Title: x5v users: help needed for Rockbox Utility
Post by: bluebrother on September 27, 2007, 05:16:32 AM
Hi guys,

I'm working on Rockbox Utility (, the upcoming installer and housekeeping tool for Rockbox. Recently we were able to integrate autodetection of the player based on the USB PID. Unfortunately we don't have any information if this PID differs between the x5 and x5v. You could help us improving autodetection by checking the PID of your x5v -- if it differs to the x5 we have a way to reliably distinguish between those players, if not we might need to implement another (uglier) solution to avoid bad surprises.

If you have an x5v and would like to help us, please go to and follow the steps on how to find out the VID and PID values as written on that page. Optimally, you'll add the result to the wiki yourself, but feel free to PM me or post it to this thread if you like this better.

Thanks for your help!