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Title: Using inline Play/Pause controls?
Post by: gomezz on May 06, 2018, 02:28:04 AM
Not Rockbox specific but I am wondering which of the supported players allow you to use an audio connection lead with inline controls for Play / Pause / Skip etc.  I have such a lead which works with my Windows phone and my Android tablet but, unsurprisingly, does not work with my Sansa Clip+.  It is this one

As there are signs my Clip+ is starting to show its age (Home button stopped working) then I am looking at replacements.  An absolute must is a player with a physical Play / Pause button which I can easily operate using a gloved hand while working.  Previously dismissed any players which uses touch controls but thinking that if these allow the inline Play / Pause button on the audio connection lead to be used then that would be a possibility.

Does anyone have any suggestions for Rockbox supported players which allow this please?