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Title: Thank you
Post by: Wonko on March 07, 2017, 09:19:30 AM
Wow. Just.... wow. This is awesome. I'm overwhelmed.

I had a Sansa Clip, which I lost. Then a Sansa Clip+, now broken. No Clip+ available any more, so I bought a Sansa Jam, which was horrible. Tried to get help on their forums, and it appears there are some limitations that cannot be overcome. So I sent it back. Luckily, a good friend gave me his Clip+, but I managed to break it, too. So I got another Clip+ on eBay, cheap, with a broken audio connector, which I was able to fix, but some buttons do not work well. But I also got yet another Clip+ on eBay, and it came with ROCKbox, which I never had heard about.

It starts faster. It has six lines of display instead of three. It has tons of options. It can find music also by album artist. It supports all sorts of file formats. When connecting to a PC, it does not automatically re-create the database. It.... it can play chess now.


Thank you.

All you developers of this great software, thank you so much for this.

I still want to buy yet another player, for my friend (whose player I broke). Seems like I could go for some cheaper model, and simply put ROCKbox onto it. Instead of having to read all those Amazon reviews and find out whether the sorting would work reliably (it often does not it seems).

You made me so happy :)
Title: Re: Thank you
Post by: asymsucon on March 08, 2017, 12:49:11 AM
Are you by any chance in EU? I know of a supplier who sells refurbished Clip+ for roughly $50.
PM me if interested
Title: Re: Thank you
Post by: Wonko on March 09, 2017, 07:27:12 AM

And I have to read here, and check for more alternatives. The Sansa Clip+ seems to be quite popular, but there might be other players which are cheaper but work well with ROCKbox.

For now, I'm reading the manual. Impressive, too. Very well written, and  like how it explains everything in a way blind people easily undestand. What a nice project :)
Title: Re: Thank you
Post by: Trzyzet on March 10, 2017, 01:13:16 PM
Mate, if you saying the Rockbox is great on Sansa players, you never run it on iPod ;)
Title: Re: Thank you
Post by: Wonko on March 15, 2017, 09:38:51 AM
No, I never did  :)

Which model are you thinking about? There are so many of them, and I never had one, don't know them. The older ones seem to be low on memory - I want at least 30G.

Also, looking into two of the iPod docs, it seems they are missing the home and power button the Sansa has - doesn't this make some things more complicated? I still need to get more used to the GUI, but I think for me at least the power button is important, as a short press easily creates a bookmark.

I also like Sansa's clip - why do so few players have this?