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iPod 5th Gen & Rockbox skipping to next track after 20+ seconds, why?


I understand that Rockbox can play .flac files (The iPod OS can't do that), and I've been testing a few of my Aerosmith songs. For some odd reason, everytime I play one of them, it skips to the next track after playing for 20 or so seconds. Same with every other song within that artist. But even then, there are times when I get some small audio glitches from my other music files (Which are mp3s).

So what's the deal? Does Rockbox not like the fact I'm doing a direct transfer of music from Windows to USB to the iPod? Or maybe it's because the bitrates are too high? Each file is like 20 MB in size and about 1000kb in bit rate or so. Does Rockbox have a "limit" before it starts glitching out?

EDIT: And by audio glitches, I mean they play perfectly fine on my computer. But as soon as it's transferred into the iPod, "something" sounds glitchy in it. I even played the file from my iPod to my computer, and it retains said glitch. Something is up here.

Running an iPod 5th Gen with iFlash 128GB SD Card.

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Flash adaptors can cause corruption when transferring files.  Usually it gets better if you use the OF to transfer.

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