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Rockbox on a iBasso DX90. Can Rockbox work with SDXC larger then 128GB


Hi , i got a question regarding Rockbox on a iBasso DX90.
Im in a bit of a hurry, a guy put an advert online to sell his iBasso DX90 (spoke to him on the phone today)

I told him i needed to figure out some things regarding Rockbox and reading SDXC cards larger than 128GB.
My old Cowon d2 and Rockbox will go as high as 128GB.(as it looks for now) FAT32 formatted.

The DX90 can accept micro sdxc up to 2TB. On DX90, will Rockbox work with cards larger then 128GB exFAT? or FAT32?
unlike with the cowon, on the DX90 all firmware is installed on the player if i'm right.


There is nothing special about sizes above 128GB, so assuming 128GB cards work, so should larger ones.


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