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Best guide about making a Rockbox theme


Hey everyone!

As a lot of you I too have an iPod 5.5g that I've boxed. I'm still on my way to mod it out (iFlash + 128Gb + possible diyMod) for getting the most out of it.

Question is about Rockbox themes and theming in general. Currently I'm using iVideo theme as it's the most "stock" looking but I'd like to customize to it a bit with info.

Where could I find an up-to-date preferably step by step guide on theme making? I've looked around official site and there's some pages that are outdated, some about a theme GUI and then there's some that's just a bit too complicated to get in to from the get go.

Any advice is welcome as I'd like to join this community and possibly work on more stuff then just themes.

The wiki has a mostly up to date guide I'd use that and a ready made theme to tweak to get your feet wet

IIRC there are a few areas that don't work quite as expected in that guide but I can't point them out off the top of my head


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