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i just installed Rockbox on my modded iPod Video 5 and i really love it.
But what is the easiest way to play/shuffle all songs?
I have about 70000 songs on the iPod, i let rockbox build the database which took about 1 hour.
then i went to database, artists/all songs and kept pressing the select button then playlist then insert shuffled.
it started to count from 0 to about 70000 in about 10 minutes, then added the songs counting backwards from 70000. again about 5 minutes.
Then i had 32000songs in queue, in the now playing screen i kept pressing select, playlist, save current.
again it started counting from 0 to 32000, another 10  minutes or so.
Unfortunately it didn't save the file, so i had to repeat this step.
After that my database got corrupted/ disappeared, so i will start from scratch.
I tried to add all files from the files menu, not the database, but this was kind of similar experience.
I really really love rockbox so much better then apple os, but is there any easy way to shuffle all 70000 songs without waiting about 2 hours to have a saved playlist?
Please let me know if there is a workaround or plugin or a way to import a playlist from my computer.

Long select on your music folder -> playlist -> insert shuffled.

I'm not sure how fast this will be given the slow CPU in your player and the enormous size of your library however.  Saving a playlist and putting the playback order to random might be more efficient. 

Thank you,
i tried that, and i takes about 30 minutes or so as well. and playlist limited to 32000, so half of my library not in there.
But even then, when i have the 32000 songs in current playlist, how do i exactly save this playlist?
I tried save current playlist, gave it a name, waited 20 minutes countdown and it didn't even show up in that location .
I have to say, Rockbox is awesome, but only if you do not want to play random with a huge library, what i usually do all the time.
If not the 50000 file limit of apple, i would go back to apple os just for that one but very important feature:
One click shuffle all
Any hope this could be added to the rockbox, or any chance there could be some kind of workaround?

database is rebuilding now, i will try one thing:
From Database click albums, all tracks and insert random.
Then after 100-200 added cancel.
I do not need a playlist of 200 days, so 100 songs would be sufficient.
But i fear that it might be the same 100 songs again all the time i would do this?

I forgot about the 32000 per playlist limit. 

One solution might be to make a playlist on your PC, load it in rockbox, and then play with playback set to random.  I'm not sure what happens in that case though.  It may only shuffle the first 32000 entries.


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