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Hi there,

OK here is my situation. I have had a Neo35 car jukebox for many years now, and absolutely love it. Recently, too many bumpy roads caused the hard disk to die, so I went about changing it for a replacement, no big deal. As it was the first time I had it apart for some time, I happened to see if I could find any newer firmware for it, I was running openneo 2.1 beta 11. I found beta 14 on sourceforge, and decided to install it, big mistake. The flash routine did not work, unit would not boot up, eeprom was corrupted. Ok, no problem I thought, I have a burner, I'll just reflash the chip myself. Needless to say, that didn't work either. Now I have a dead player and no reliable way to reflash it.

Sourceforge has the source code for the beta build, which I downloaded. I am not a programmer per se, but know enough to be dangerous. What I would like to do is rewrite the flash utility to the eeprom (openuu.bin) but I don't have a compiled copy here, and have been struggling for several weeks to figure out a way to compile it. (have source code).  I tried to setup cygwin with the script I found here, but the rockbox repository is not working for the older stuff, I can't plug in the SH1 stuff to make it work.

Does anyone here have a version of a compiler setup at the moment to compile for the hitachi SH1? Would you be willing to compile the binary for me if I send you the code? I would be most grateful. Failing that, can anybody help me get my compiler setup to do the same, as I have had no luck thus far, and have already spent a lot of time on this. Thanks in advance, and cheers!

I don't have the sh1 compiler installed, but it's not difficult to build using the virtual machine we provide.

Ok thanks for that, I'll give it a go. So to be clear, the VM already has the SH1 support baked in?

It only comes with the ARM compiler, but you can run the script, select sh1, and it should build it in a few minutes (on a modern CPU at least).  The development guide has instructions.

By the way, I have no idea what you're doing, and if the SH1 compiler we provide will even work for a 15 year old fork :)

I am just trying to obtain a copy of the original loader utility bin file for the Neo, so I can rewrite it to the proper location on the eeprom, if that works, and I can access it through the neo interface, then I may be able to write a working bin file to it using that loader as intended. I have the source code for the loader, I have determined that it was originally compiled with gcc  in C for the Hitachi SH1. The only "free" compiler out there that I can find is here on your site. As the neo was originally ported from the older rockbox, I am cautiously optimistic that this might work. The VM is a far better idea than trying to make gcc behave, and as I stated above, I am not a coder, but I do understand enough about it that I am going to give this a shot. I will post back here my results, and I am grateful for your input.




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