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Classic 6G (120GiB) No partition found


120G Classic 6G

After installing Rockbox 055e211, then the bootloader, I can't get beyond the bootloader. I have tried dual and single boot mode, same behavior.

I can see a .rockbox folder on the disk which is formatted to FAT32 on the pig (Win10) or vfat on Debian.

I repartitioned to a single FAT32 partition. I presume that works. Primary, active. If I cant get Rockbox to work, I'll go bounce this classic off a Genius Bar manbun with my best fast pitch.

Rockbox boot loader
Version 1.0
Battery status ok: 4105 mV
No partition found

Entering USB mode...
Bootloader USB mode

Does the apple firmware boot? If not, just restore with iTunes, which will fix the partitions, and reinstall.

Thank you for responding!

I did that, and it worked. Thank you very much.


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