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Rockbox does not load - the "Updating..." message (iPod Classic)



i face the error on my iPOD Classic 160GB, a thick model, here recognised as 6G (somewhere recognised as Classic 1G, the one before the final 7G aka Classic 3G slim model). The iPOD serves me well and i had no trouble with it. But now I can not get in. The Rockboxed iPOD is stuck on "Updating..." status.
It happened to me after i have recorded on my iPOD Classic new mp3 files via Windows XP Pro SP3 OS, then i upluged it from my computer. I did expect short "Updating..." message which usually lasts for couple of seconds BUT at this time something went wrong - it persists here and i can not surpass it, i still waiting for 'updating process' to be executed. I can not go anywhere. The only choice i have is a hard reset. I have tried to plug in my iPOD to the computer but before i enter to the tree menu i have got the same "Updating..." message.

Can you help me how to resolve this issue? Does anybody know, please?

Thank you!

p.s.: In the attachment i send the photo of this on-screen message.


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