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hi ladies and gents

Im happy with rockbox so far been using it on my ipod classic 160gb for quite a while now,

is there a way to remove the dual boot with official firmware as it has no use to me and its kind of annoying when i accidentally load it up,

i read a post about a boot loader mks5lboot  but i could not wrap my mind around how to use it to install it in single it without the dual boot

i would kind of need an idiots guide/ explain it like i'm 5 sort of thing, i'm not very good with command line stuff

my ipod shows up in my computer as
USB drive (E:) - not formated
craigs clas (G:) - 148GB

Also are there any tweaks to the settings i can make for some speed improvements as on occasion it will hang for a few seconds or freeze when changing song causing me to have to force reboot probably not helped by having 20600 songs or there abouts on it

thanks in advance craig

Yo can install the bootloader in single mode, to do that:

- get the mks5lboot tool for you operating system, you can get a link for it at
- see the README file to learn how mks5lboot works (mainly enter DFU mode on iPod and run a command on your PC), actually the README file is at
- if there is a bootloader installed on your iPod then uninstall it using this command "mks5lboot --bl-uninst ipod6g"
- to install the bootloader in single mode use this command "mks5lboot --bl-inst /path/to/bootloader-ipod6g.ipod --single"

You can get the current bootloader binary file from

Note that using single mode then you also lose access to Apple disk mode and Apple diagnostic screens.

sorry i have not replied in a long time

just got around to doing it thanks for the instructions it was extremely easy

i open a powershell window in the RockboxBootloaderInstaller_iPodClassic_v1_0 folder, made it easier instead of typing in the directory to the firmware or the .exe,

i then just typed, mks5lboot64.exe --bl-inst bootloader-ipod6g.ipod --single Into powershell, this way i could skip typing the path to the boot loader since i some how mess up directory locations

i still have the E partition on the ipod that windows keeps asking me to format every time i plug it in but i can live with that my main annoyance was getting stuck in apple firmware when i used the hold switch after turning off my ipod,

i'm not sure where i would make the suggestion but when the ipod 6g becomes stable i think a check box to choose single or dual boot would be useful or possibly two installers what ever would be easiest to implement ( not saying coding is easy )

thanks for the help and info prof_wolfff


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