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The old topic is closed, so have to start this new one, with some new details.
iBasso DX50 is android-based, but is not nearly capable of running the android port of rockbox.
This because the original firmware has nothing for java code support; instead, the player software is fully written in C/C++ with android ndk.
It's easy to modify the firmware contents; enable adb; run custom code and access internal devices.

Current status:
 - almost done
 - sound (including spdif), screen, touchscreen, buttons, headphones detection, filesystem, battery readout, volume control, backlight control, poweroff/reboot working
 - dual boot scheme working, with swapping both player and vold
 - install process for users
 - capture power button longpress for turnoff (how?)
 - settings save
 - screen turnoff
 - better keymap, e.g. in equalizer
 - hires audio (?)
 - prepare code branch for merging back into master

Sources + downloads:
Possible developers / advanced users are welcome.


I can't wrap my head around this - android without dalvik. That would be pure linux then.


--- Quote from: wodz on March 07, 2014, 02:18:32 PM ---I can't wrap my head around this - android without dalvik. That would be pure linux then.

--- End quote ---

Perhaps they took a SOC that had Android support and simply targeted the Linux parts rather than Dalvik?  Certainly a strange result, but I guess nowadays android is replacing traditional embedded linux so maybe thats all the SOC came with. 

Edit:  Renamed title since we certainly won't be deleting this thread.

mb not enough ram ? DX50 based on Rockchip RK2926, DX100 - RK2918.

--- Quote ---RK2926/RK2928 is updated from RK2918, and they are changed in the old architecture of previous generation products, using the new Cortex-A9 architecture
--- End quote ---
btw, for hi-end HiFiMan HM901(Ingenic JZ4760B) used Android too. for mips! freaky! FiiO X5\X3 based on JZ4760 used ┬ÁC/OS-II.


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