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Some embedded album art displayed, others not! help please!

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I've been using rockbox for my Sansa e260v1 for almost as long as I've had it (about 6 years, I think), and it's been really great.  However, my music collection has grown too much to keep a representative selection on my MP3 player without creating randomized playlists.  And I love having the big album-art skins, so I need embedded album art to make the transfer easy (unless anyone knows of a way to build a random playlist and have the folder's art go along with each MP3 that is sent?)  So when I checked back here, I was happy to see embedded album art is now supported.  I updated and for the most part everything seems fine.

I've found a variety of different options and scoured the internet for making sure my album art is embedded in all my songs, mostly using mediamonkey (and some scripts with it).  I also had to do a lot of manual album art embedding with that.  At this point, I'm almost 100% sure that all of my MP3s have embedded album art, they even show up in the preview (bottom left) on Windows 7.

Here's the problem: when I move them to my MP3 player, only some of the songs display album art (maybe half) and the others don't.  Can anyone help me figure out what the problem is?  Is there a certain way of doing the embedding or a specific file type I have to embed or anything else that would make some album art work but not others?  I've already had (for a long time) all of my album art in the corresponding folders, and usually it's .jpg, though occasionally .bmp (like all the files I previously needed for putting it on Rockbox), and very rarely .png.  Is there a special way I should automate the process to make certain selections or save the album art as a certain type ("cover", etc.)?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!  If I can only see half my album art, it's really not that nice - I'd love to see it for each of the songs, and it's on shuffle, so they change all the time.  Thanks for your time!

What format are the tracks?

MP3.  Though some might be .mp4 .  But definitely some of the ones with the embedded art not showing are still .mp3.

Check for jpegs that are in "progressive" format. Rockbox doesn't support that. PNG isn't supported either.

Sorry it took me a bit to respond.  So, I tried re-extracting (to .jpg) and then re-embedding all the album artwork just to be sure there weren't any .png's trying to sneak in there.  When I re-checked a sample of my album folders, I could find all the .jpg files (properly named too) like I'd expect, but still they're not ALL (just some) working on my MP3 player!  Also, how can I check to see if the .jpgs are in "progressive" format?  I know how to save it like that in Photoshop, but I don't know where to look to see if that's the case with these files.  I couldn't find a tag with that info in Bridge either.  Any clue?

PLEASE give me any help you can!  I've spent hours and hours and hours on this trying to make it work, and still to no avail (consistently that is)!  It seems like maybe about 50% of my album art shows up on the MP3 player and about 50% doesn't.  That's not very good odds considering how much I love seeing the album art while I'm listening to it.

I've been using Media Monkey and the plug-in scripts to try to make all this work.  As far as I can tell (looking at the files in Explorer and Adobe Bridge) - ALL of my mp3s (and m4as) have album art embedded now, and I'm assuming they're all the .jpgs embedded (after all the work I went into with MediaMonkey, to embed the links, extract the embedded images as .jpg, and then re-embed them as the covers.  It took a long time and it sure looks like it works on the computer, but it only half-works on the MP3 player!  Please help!

Do you display all of your embedded artwork on your MP3 player?  IF so, what process did you go through to embed it all properly?


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