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PP502x cache bug and ATA DMA test build

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I created a test build for PP502x based devices. You can download it from:

Using it, you can help answer the following questions:

1) Which PP502x chips are affected by the FS#12391 cache bug? Load
/pp502x_cache_test/unaltered.ipod or /pp502x_cache_test/unaltered.mi4,
run /pp502x_cache_test/pp502x_cache_test.rock and see if it reports
mismatches. If the bug is present, you should see mismatches within a
few minutes. You can find your CPU type in System -> Debug (Keep Out!)
-> View HW info.

2) If the bug is present, is the workaround reliable? Boot normally or
load /.rockbox/rockbox.ipod or /.rockbox/rockbox.mi4, and run
/pp502x_cache_test/pp502x_cache_test.rock. You shouldn't ever see
any mismatches. Run the test for a substantially longer time than what
was needed to see mismatches.

3) If the workaround is reliable, is PP502x ATA DMA stable? Use Rockbox
normally. Make sure you test database creation and functionality. You
can confirm that DMA is being used in System ->
Debug (Keep Out!) -> View disk info. If you have any problems with DMA,
please report what storage device you're using: is it the original, a different
replacement or a CF mod?

More information is available in /pp502x_cache_test/README.txt. If using
a sansac200, sansae200, gogearsa9200, gogearhdd6330 or ipodnano1g, read
the exceptions section there.

CPU: PP5022c
Drive: Toshiba MK2431GAH

Unmodified build with cache test resulted in a crash before 1 pass.
DMA enabled build ran through 60+ passes before I rebooted to listen to music the rest of the day.


i'm using a Nano 1.gen and i'm getting an error with an without dma.


--- Quote from: Nanouser on March 26, 2012, 11:24:34 AM ---Hi,

i'm using a Nano 1.gen and i'm getting an error with an without dma.

--- End quote ---

What do you mean? Are you seeing mismatches in the cache test or is there another error?

Sorry about the delay in responding.

tested on SA9200
CPU: PP5022c

Unmodified build:  it reports mismatches.
workaround: no mismatch seen


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